Saturday, January 10, 2009

23: Drilling a Water Well

Drilling for water was something that I knew nothing about. But, like the septic system and utility lines, it's one of the more expensive line items in a construction project.

I still don't know a lot about drilling, but there are some things you just want to have done well and efficiently without having to pay much attention. In my contract with Oak Tree Homes, I had an "allowance" of $6,000 to cover the digging of the well. This meant that my contract covered costs up to $6,000. If it cost more, and you can never predict exactly, I'd have to cough up more money. Oak Tree Homes brought in a drilling company that put in my well by slowly pounding their way down through the ground as opposed to a much quicker—and what I would have expected—drilling method. Mark of Oak Tree explained that while it takes longer, they've had much more success with getting a good well with the pounding technique.

No one explained exactly why it works better, but the well is working beautifully...and I'm not asking any questions. I've got clear, almost sweet water. In the end, the drilling cost a little less than budgeted and the extra money covered something else in the contract that went a little over budget.

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