Monday, January 12, 2009

25: Alternative to a Coffee Table

Sometimes a large coffee table is just not the right choice for the area in front of a sofa. In my living room, which is on the small side occupying an area approximately 14'x16', I decided to use smaller tables instead of one large table that would fill up the space and be completely immobile. My solution was a pair of these interesting little galvanized metal tables. They're sweating-glass friendly, easy to move around as needed, and add a nice hint of farmhouse style to the room. They're from Mothology. You won't see the metal cone tables on the company's website, but they can be purchased by contacting them.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing table!! Check out this one too for Glass Coffee Tables.

vicki archer said...

Great idea - love these and always so handy to have something you can move around. xv