Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Upholstery Arrived

I've been a little too anxious to talk about it a lot, but last month I posted a photo showing swatches of the fabrics I'd ordered for the upholstery coming from Lee Industries. Seven pieces arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say that they look great. I was worried, because I'm not an interior designer. Thanks to my career with shelter magazines, I've developed an eye for combining colors and patterns. But, putting together a scheme of fabrics is not as easy as it might sound. Fortunately, I've been studying the work of interior designers for over 20 years and developed a certain instinct. At least, I have a good sense for what I like.

So after pouring over hundreds of fabric samples in a to the trade showroom where Lee sells their full line in New York, I came up with a scheme of fabrics for the upholstery in the living room that was built around a beautiful silk ikat. If you're reading this before the end of March and just happen to be going to (or in) London, there's a wonderful show at the Victoria & Albert Museum on ikats from Central Asia.

The big question mark in my design plan was, would this fairly busy pattern work on a seven foot long sofa. So, what do you think? I tempered it with a pair of dark navy cotton denim covered club chairs that are fantastically comfortable without taking up a lot of room and an arm chair with a high back in a faded blue floral printed on cotton.

It's really looking great in the room. I'm sharing pictures hesitantly, because I'm not finished. TK are pillows all in the blue and white scheme but in various patterns and designs. A friend gave me a nice piece of old Fortuny, which is going to look fantastic piled on the sofa with other patterns. I'm also working on a rug and simple white cafe curtains for the windows.


ckelly said...

Hi Newell,

I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your home built! You have a lovely home and a gorgeous spot. Especially helpful are the products listed and photos; I sense the Virgo tendency towards order (obsession?).
We are remodeling an old farmhouse in Maine and, after trying to draft the design ourselves (with hilarious results), have hired an architect. The mini-spec will be sent to builders for quotes within the next two weeks. I am intrigued by your use of beams in the kitchen. Is it possible for you to post photos of the beams/beadboard? What type of flooring did you use in the kitchen? Any cost saving tips?

One way off topic question: I am not in the trade, but wonder if you can advise me on finding a chair to "sit" test prior to purchasing. I am interested in finding a vari-tilt chair/ottoman made by Bradington-Young. The local furniture stores carry one style - very comfortable, but not my style. I've looked at the B-Y website and called thier HQ to ask where I can find an actual chair to sit in prior to purchasing. They were, surprisingly, not helpful.
Thank you and enjoy your home!

Newell Turner said...

Dear CKELLY, Thanks for the nice comments. I will take some pictures of the ceiling and bead board and post them later this week. In the meantime, I will share with you that the bead board was inexpensive and easy for the builder to install. He also created the beams from lumber. He was nice enough to mock of several sizes, which was a good thing. I ended up going with a smaller size that I would have expected if I had not been able to hold the samples up against the ceiling for comparison. I will also post something on the floor material. It has worked out beautifully. Sorry I do not know anything about Bradington-Young. It always amazes me when a business is not helpful. How do they stay in business?

wendy said...

Mr. Turner, Love your style. Your photo in House Beautiful bears a resemblance to my grandfather, Ezra Turner, from Virginia. Where are you from?
-wendy turner wagner, sc