Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We're in Good Shape

Well, I'll say it again. Trust in your builder is critical. I can't imagine going through this experience with someone that I didn't think was honest and I couldn't trust at least 95%. Mark and I spoke today about the delay in the building schedule and the increased costs from framing. As it turns out, the miscalculation was on his part and the framing not only took a little longer, but cost a little more...and it's not going to be my financial responsibility. I'm not going to be in the house before Thanksgiving, but it only seems that we'll be about two weeks off. He thinks he'll be finished by mid-December, but he's hesitant to say for sure because the house has a lot more detail work than they typically have on projects. I do trust this guy, so I'm going to relax and try to enjoy the process.

I also found out today the the lighting order from Visual Comfort isn't going to be complete for one shipment. In fact, half of the lighting for the house will come in in stages over the next two months. I told Mark, and he was completely cool. No problem. I'll say it again, great builder.

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charlotte said...

Hi! Just found your blog and wanted to let you know I feel your pain and joy!!! We recently completed a whole house renovation in Kennett Square PA in February which was a year long process. Renting with 3 kids is no fun. Also, noticed you ordered from Visual Comfort. We chose almost all of our light fixtues from them and although they have the best, the lead time on the orders was horrific. We waited up to 7 months for some things to arrive. Needless to say, this was a nightmare. I've noticed they have become extremely popular recently and perhaps they are experiencing difficulty in keeping up with demand. Hoping you have better luck. Have you received everything yet? I want to order from them again for a poolhouse I am doing but I'm hesitant b/c of all of the delays I experienced. Let me know how it's going if you get a second. Thanks!